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Nov 13, 2004



Thanks so much, Jason!

And hey, I think it's fine for you to stay in for one meal per year. Just dont make it a regular thing.


My pleasure.

The sad thing is, I am actually a half-way decent cook. I just like to have people cook for me more. :)


Hahah, I know the feeling. Everything tastes better when it's made by someone else, and most especially when it's not eaten at the kitchen table.

FYI for those looking for reservations-- Corduroy is booked; David Gregory seems to have lots of space available. I didn't check anywhere else.


This was really helpful..Thanks.

vinod chandnani


Thanks for the list of restaurants open on ThanksGiving. We are going to be in DC tomorrow and were looking for a place to eat. This was the only website we found information on.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

mrs. verna

we are looking for a hotel to stay that's reasonable that serve thankgiving dinner. jackson ms.

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