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Jan 22, 2005



Wanna talk about French food.....boy-oh-boy. Just went to Girard's Place on 15th Street NW for my second time. It was unbelieveable. Fortunately for my girlfriend and me, there was the terrible snow storm on Saturday which cleared reservations. In fact, they were closing early on Saturday because of the lack of reservations. It was so sparse that there were only 4 other patrons in the entire restaurant. Accordinly, ervice was impecable. I want to start by saying that Girard's Place has the best Burgundy selection of ANY restaurant in the DC area. It has 4 or 5 pages dedicated to Burgundian selections. We started the evening off with a 2002 Dujac Chambolle-Musigny ($185). It took about 30 minutes for the tart pucker-factor to dissolve into a lush, velvety fruit packed nectar. I have been trying to accompany many of my meals with pinot-noir because it goes with virtually anything and my dear friend Brian (a wine sales rep) swears that there is nothing better. I am beginning to think he is right...if only it wasn't so cost prohibitive. Now the menu is changed every two weeks and occasionally boasts it's signature poached-lobster, which I had the opportunity to enjoy on my first visit. This time, however, we decided to enjoy the 5 course tasting menu ($85). The complimentary course from the chef was a diced salmon lachs and caper appetizer. It was very fresh and had just the right amount of seasoning and oil. The actual first course was a foie gras and fruit terrine with toasted baguette slivers. Let's just say, I am not a pate` or terrine type of guy. I am sure if that is your "thing," you would've been in heaven. The next course was grilled sea scallops. There were four of them and they were awesome. None of the grit that you love so much. The scallops were served in a small dish with a melted herbed butter. The outside skin of the scallops were cripy. Damn near perfect. The next course was a cripsy cod filet. By this point, I had already drank a little too much so my memory of it is a little lacking. I do remember that the cod was my favorite dish of the night (and by the way, I NEVER order fish entree`s). The meat course was venison with dried fruits served with spinach and two dipping dipping sauces (puree`d beet and sweet potatoe). It was incredible. The venison (which I recommend at medium-rare) was juicy and as tender as any filet-mignon I 've ever had. I did not use ANY of the sauces. In fact, they were an un-necassary addition to the dish that, if consumed, would have taken away from the meat flavor. The dessert was a pineapple soufle`. It's presentation was as impressive as the actual flavor. It was like eating a pineapple flavored cirrus cloud. Although it was absolutely delicious, I would not recommend this dessert to someone who is still hungry from the meal. It was simply not filling. All in all, this was a remarkable evening. It certainly deems the 4-star rating assigned by the Washingtonian. Make sure you make reservations well in advance. The dining room can hold only approximately 30 people.


News alert, Opera has added a long list of pasta dishes to their menu and even has a weeknight spaghetti and meatballs special that comes with salad and unlimited wine for $25. Outstanding meatballs and salad.

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