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Dec 13, 2007



Aren't you a touch late on this story since Beaujolias is released around the same time as Thanksgiving?


Not really since it's still in the stores and being marketed pretty heavily by the wineries.

Mike Bober

I'm not about to suggest that Beaujolais Nouveau is a great wine, but I definitely enjoy it for what it is - a light, easy-drinking wine suitable for celebrating but not much else.

And sometimes a Bud Light can be downright refreshing!

I hope I haven't forfeited my Foodie credentials for admitting this...

Rob Rutledge

Actually, it may be more relevant now than earlier, in that the waterborne product has just hit shore and the real glut has begun- prices will drop, but I still say there is better wine to be had for less money!

By no means to do I mean to deride the occasional indulgence, Mike-- just trying to make sure people know that BN and BL are not the only things out there. To be fair, I will admit this right out: I am a closet High Life junkie. Please, don't tell anyone!

wine production

Whether the wine is aging in tanks or barrels, tests are run periodically in a laboratory to check the status of the wine. Common tests include °Brix, pH, titratable acidity, residual sugar, free or available sulfur, total sulfur, volatile acidity and percent alcohol. These tests are often performed throughout the making of the wine as well as prior to bottling. In response to the results, a winemaker can then decide if more sulfur needs to be added or other slight adjustments before it is bottled.

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