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Jan 24, 2008



Great post-I love Sideways. I was hooked into that movie from the moment Miles closes his ear to fully taste his first glass of wine.
When I think of Pinot, I think of the Willamette Valley. How do those Pinots stack up to the ones you mention? Have they suffered from the Sideways effect? With the increase in Pinot sales, what did you see with f-ing Merlots?
Last, several years ago I was turned on to Argentinian Malbecs at Rick's Wine in Alexandria. Love them.


We still see Pinots as our biggest movers, especially in "by-the-glass" sales...I'm hearing more interest in getting back into Merlot though...we'll see where it all goes!

Rob Rutledge

God, the "f-ing Merlots" comment! That was an even bigger problem than the Pinot Noir thing. Mind you, I think that Merlot was in for a fall anyhow considering how popular it had been and the amount of garbage that resulted on the market. Either way, just after "Sideways" we couldn't sell Merlot for anything. The annoying part about that comment was that it was pretty much a joke that no one got: That wine that Miles makes such a big deal about throughout the movie, the 1961 Cheval Blanc-- Mostly Merlot. I think this was a brilliant character development device, but since it was such an obscure reference it just kind of sparked a knee jerk reaction with the viewers. Ugh. Fortunately, yes, that has been turning around as people realize that Merlot is really quite a chameleon, and is very hard to generalize about, in fact.

Yeah, Ramona, Willamette Pinots have gone up a bit, but some of them remain pretty good values. In addition, Oregon's climate rarely yields a poor vintage, so they are safe year in year out. I quite like Archery Summit and Patricia Green, myself.

Oh, and if you like the movie, by the by, try reading the book. I really enjoyed it, and it gives a very different insight into Miles' character in particular.


I can't get my (knows nothing about wine)husband to drink Merlot anymore thanks to that movie. Every time we go to buy wine I get treated with "I am NOT DRINKING MERLOT." Of course, if I pour and don't tell, he never knows.

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