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Apr 21, 2008



Great post. I like that you address restaurants giving sound advice.
Best accompanyment ever...the truffled peaches that Sonoma had, maybe still has.
I looked all over for them to no avail.

Brian DC

How about naming some names of places that have poor cheese plates? Frankly, it would make this post a lot more useful.

Mike Bober

To be honest, Brian, most of the restaurants in which I've ordered the cheese plate in the past year or so are guilty of at least one of the things I complain about in this post.

Whether it's a useless menu listing, a server who doesn't know anything about the cheese plate's components, or an Irish blue cheese (Cashel) that has been showing up on cheese plates at French bistros and locally-focused eateries for no good reason, the vast majority of restaurants currently offering cheese plates are dropping the ball in one way or another.

I wrote the way I did to avoid singling out specific locations - partly in fairness to them and partly because I don't think they are unique in having these problems.

My praise for specific locations that are serving their customers well, however, was meant to highlight the few places where I've read menus and tasted cheese plates that really seemed to get it. That's why I went out of my way to mention places like Proof, Dino and Vinoteca.

I can't claim to be an expert on all things cheese, nor am I comfortable calling out specific places for their failings. I would hope, instead, that any chefs or restaurateurs who read this post take the opportunity to look at their offering through fresh eyes and ask themselves what they could be doing better.

I hope you understand my rationale.


Mike took the right approach here by calling out places that do a good job with their cheese service. I make it a point to mention places that are actually worth going to rather than the places that people should avoid. It's a mentality that's been in practice here since the beginning of this blog.

As Mike said, hopefully chefs will read this post and improve their cheese presentation so Mike will be able to mention them in future posts.


Thanks for the great article. We will definitely leave room for the cheese service at the restaurants you mentioned - our only recent cheese service was at City Zen.

I appreciate restaurants also who train or guard well their staff who really know and are passionate about their cheese. A group of us went to a place in Chicago - one knew what cheeses they wanted, two had a general idea, and the other confessed that they were a cheese novice. The cheese maestro enthusiastically gave those of us who wanted, samplers with great accompaniments for each (both food and chat), based on the drink and food each of us had partaken during our meal. The overall cheese+service left us with big smiles.

We tend to order the cheese only when the cheese cart going by and the server catch our noses and interest. Perhaps it is time for us to venture more into restaurant cheese?

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