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Apr 17, 2008



I think rose wine should be better appreciated in this town, especially since the Nytimes Dining Section this week proclaimed that Republicans tend to drink Red Wine while Dems prefer White. In this town of all towns, Rose should be embraced ;)


Thanks for the tips Rob. I'm always looking for a good Rose. I see the Christian Lauverjat Rose all the time, but I guess I always hesitated to pick it up because of the fruitier nature of Sancerre whites. I think I'll pick it up now the next time I see it.


I like the Bellevue, but I'd also recommend the Grande Cassagne. I've found it at The Winery in Old Town, and it's really reasonably priced, around $9. I also picked some up from domaine547.com which was even cheaper. I think we went through 2 cases last year, and I'm looking forward to the 2007s.

Rob Rutledge

Ya know, Sonadora, it's funny you mention the Grande Cassagne- my Kacher rep just tasted me on the 2007 this evening. I really enjoyed last year's as well, and I'm sure it's still holding up quite well. The 2007... not so hot, to be honest. It was VERY acidic on the finish, and just kinda bubble gummy and insipid otherwise. I'm gonna probably pick up some and see what my customers think, but overall, it was a disappointment.

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