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Apr 18, 2008



In defense of the chatter, I don't think I've ever pointed out a mistake that was in my favor to a manager and had the amount added back on my bill. However, to go on Tom's chat an complain about it??? Come on.


Hey Ramona, thanks for the shout out and the introduction to local foodie blogs and articles! One question though: I think that Tyler and Julia may have moved from D.C. to Kansas? Still a fun blog, but not exactly local!


Hmm.....Foodbuzz lists them as blogging from Alexandria, VA. Thanks for the info.


Wow thanks for the shoutout! It is true though, we have relocated from the fabulous D.C. to Kansas :( Not quite so fabulous here!


I bet you miss it! Oh well, you started blogging here and it's a really good blog-so there ya go!


Thanks so much for the shout out here! I am honored you would call my life story "inspirational". I have always thought of it more as "a cautionary tale". But hey, I'll take the compliments as they come. Thanks so much!

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