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Jul 16, 2008



Hi there!
First of all, glad to hear you're enjoying the cheese.
A minor quibble -- Rick and Helen (the owners) have been dairying for almost 30 years, but have only been making cheese since 1998.

In response to the comment by Me, there are courses being offered by a number of specialty cheese shops. (In DC, the one that comes to mind first is Cowgirl Creamery at 9th and F, or just google the name). Also, there is a fabulous booklet called "Taste Comté Cheese." Its focus is, understandably, on Comté, but we've found it an excellent resource when applied to other cheeses as well. The only problem is, it's not easily available even from www.comte.com. You might want to try, again, your local specialty cheese shop.

Good luck!

Mike Bober

Dan - Thanks for stopping by to clear that up. Sorry for the confusion. Grayson is definitely a favorite around here, so keep up the good work!

Me - The only recommendations I have about tasting cheese are as follows:

1. DEFINITELY allow the cheese to come to room temperature before tasting. You'll miss out on a lot of the flavors if you try to taste while it's cold.

2. DO NOT try to taste too many different cheeses at once, even if they're all the same kind (all blues, all bries, etc.). After a while all the differences will start to blend and it will be much harder to distinguish favorites or specific flavors.

3. Try a bit of the cheese by itself, without any accompaniments. After you've done that, try it with a fairly neutral complement, like bread or a water cracker. Only after you've got a good idea of the basic characteristics of the cheese should you try to pair it with complementary flavors like dried fruit, nuts, or pickles.

Look for predominant flavors like salt, cream or caramel and secondary traits like nuttiness, tang, earthiness (funkiness), and dryness. But certainly let your own palate tell you what you think - don't take others' word for it.

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