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Sep 01, 2008


Emily B

Ever since I had the pickled cabbage at Komi, I've been absolutely craving lightly pickled greens and vegetables. Those relishes were out of this world.

Also, did you dine there when the mini apple tart with blue cheese ice cream was available? Holy wow, was it good.

Great review!!


Does Komi allow for dietary restrictions on the Degustazione menu? I'm not a extremely picky eater, and while your description sounds amazing, I just don't really like pork. I'd eat it in dumplings at a chinese restaurant or something like that, but don't really enjoy it as an entree at a restaurant. Komi has been on our "must try" list for a while now, but I wanted to confirm how much they can cater to requests like me not wanting pork. Thanks!


Emily, No I didn't have the apple tarte with blue cheese ice cream. That type of dessert is usually more to my taste.

Kimberly, when you make your reservation, check with them, but I recommend that you try the suckling pig. It's really not like any other pork dish you've ever had. I don't have any doubt that they'll work with your request.

Mike Bober

Congratulations on the ten year anniversary, Jason! That's terrific.

Just wanted to add a quick note to say that Komi is currently closed for a one-month break that will run through most of September. Their phone lines open September 9th for reservations after the break.


Thanks and good point Mike!

Helen Chan

Hi, do you know if Komi offer a Degustazione menu for vegetarians? I recently turned vegetarian for humanitarian reasons, but I've been to komi before (when i still eat meat) and thought the food/service/wine was divine...i'd hate to stop going....


Just tell them in advance when you make the reservation. They are usually very accommodating.


I dare you to show me ONE good restaurant in d.c. i am not from here and i am shocked at the low quality of restaurants here in d.c. frankly, they are horrible


Fortunately, most, if not all, food and wine publications disagree with you Pam. Maybe you should actually try dining at the restaurants we recommend and you'd figure that out for yourself.

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