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Sep 30, 2008



Thanks for the nostalgia. The shopping cart pretzel guys are good people. We used to try to negotiate to get 4 for a dollar instead of 3.... now I think they're 4 for $5.

Taresa Schmidt

damn inflation!

Josh Hermias

Indeed thanks for the nostalgia. Anyone remember that abc 6 special on sanitation and street pretzles?! Monica Malpass reports!

On the cooking note, those interested in that trademark brown skin on street pretzles might be interested in Martin Lersch's recent post at khymos on the malliard reaction: http://blog.khymos.org/2008/09/26/speeding-up-the-maillard-reaction/


mmmm... water ice. Thank goodness we've got a few Rita's down here now.


Ah, soft pretzels infused with car emmisions as they sit on a table at an intersection. Good times, good times. I remember when they were a quarter each. I also liked the big braided pretzels that were heated on a grill.

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