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Nov 18, 2008


What Liz Said

I love the last csa you mentioned. Something to consider. :)

Also another great column!


We're huge fans of Clagett Farm, where we've now been a member for two years. If you're interested in seeing what the shares look like, I've documented our haul for the past two years. Here are my flickr sets for them.

2008 (I'm still a little behind here and need to post the final weeks):



I'm a member of Star Hollow and love it. They occasionally send recipes with some of the more obscure items - who knew sorrel soup was so yummy?!


We joined a CSA for the first time last year--Bull Run Farm: http://bullrunfarm.com/. We picked up near Dupont, so it was incredibly convenient, and the experience was great. We plan to sign up for next year, too!


Great Country Farms also delivers directly to the house or office. We joined their CSA this year for a half-share - it includes fruits and veggies from May through October. http://greatcountryfarms.com/

Sarah In DC

I have been a member of a CSA for the past 5 years and I love it. Especially the variety of vegetables that I might not normally eat. Great for experimenting. I was not really thrilled with my farm this year so thanks for the reviews.

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