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Feb 19, 2009



Liza had mentioned to me that y'all enjoyed it. I went on Thursday (last week) and had a wonderful experience. I agree 100% with you and look forward to Ray's the Nets.


I am so reliveed to learn that Ray's hasn't changed too much. I was trying to resist going until they worked out the kinks but you've convinced me- I am going!


We went to the new location on FEB 13. We waited only 20 minutes for a table, yippeeeee! We still sat 12 inches away from the next table! You'd think with more space you could have a bit more privacy....NO! The steaks are wonderful. We will continue to come back!!!!!!!!!


anyone know where ray's the nets will be? and possibly when it will be opening?


It will be in old Ray's location in Rosslyn.


Went for an AMAZING dinner last week. They now offer a Sun-Fri dinner special, you get any soup or salad, either the hangar steak or the scallops entree, plus any dessert for $23.95!! That will not even buy your steak at any other place. And it is fantastic!! Extremely efficient and great service, we will be back many many times!


Really, can anyone confirm that they have the special too. I am going a friday in two weeks for dinner and if so thats a great deal!


Does anyone know where Michael Landrum sources his meat, fish, and produce from?

Does he use humanely-raised, grass-fed local beef?

Sustainable, wild fish?

Organic, local vegetables?

I've been to his restaurants several times - and enjoy the food and great value.

Considering the influence he has made on the area's dining habits -- it would be nice to know that he is also respecting our food sources and health :-)


It's great to see something great actually flourish! Too many good spots go away..Best wishes to Ray's and I love the food.

Bobby L. Jones

I arrived here in the Arlington area for a new job one year ago after living in Europe for the past twenty years. While searching for somewhere to live I stayed at the Marriott Key Bridge in Rosslyn since it was close to my new job location. My wife and I ventured around the area looking for places to eat and we stumbled across Ray’s the Steaks restaurant; I noticed how crowded it was outside of the restaurant while my wife went in to find out the wait time. When my wife returned she informed me that we wouldn’t be seated until around 21:00 hours, 09:00PM for those who do not understand the 24 hour clock, the current time was 18:00. I told my wife that there is no food that good for me to wait three hours, and then we left.
Because of the crowd, our curiosity to check out this place grew so I stopped by after work and added my name to the list since no reservations was possible. When we returned we only had to wait fifteen minutes or so before we were seated. I was not impressed after being seated because it looked like a hole in the wall, but after ordering and receiving by cowboy cut steak, mask potatoes, spinach and my bottle of red wine, everything around me disappeared, I was in absolute food heaven. This is truly a steak eater’s paradise, tinder, juicy steaks almost melting in your mouth. If you haven’t found this place yet, seek it out, you will not be disappointed. Since my first visit I have not looked for another steakhouse, so far I have found the perfect one in Ray’s the Steaks. My wife and I will be making another reservation soon, see you there…

Bobby L. Jones


By far the best steak place in town...beats the Palm, Ruth's, etc...hands down! I didn't realize there were so many other restaurants...I look forward to them ;)

Thank you for keeping the quality, service, and price as always even as you grow!

Meat and Potatoes

I don't see the big love for Rays the Steaks. Hanger Steak? Please... this cut of meat is terrible, tough more flavor, how about not. The bone in ribeye, ordered the most done the chef will prepare it... totally cold in the middle. Rays the Steaks should take his own advice, raise the level of service and the prep of his steaks. Cheesecake for desert, dry and uneventful. Usually don't complain.. not going back.


LOL Meat and Potatoes. The cheesecake that you call dry and uneventful is from Carnegie Deli in New York and is considered by many the best cheesecake in the country.


Great evening, food and service. And thank you, Mr. Lucas for your friendly attitude, paying attention to our needs, giving food recommedations, and doing great follow-through. Excellent! I will return soon. Ray's has truly "raised the stakes" for the standards it has set. [Ask for table W1-3!].


um... Meat and Potatoes... the cheesecake is the only dessert they don't make in-house. It's shipped in from NYC--


I don't get the praise. Was it a good steak? It was ok to good. Have I had as good a steak at Outback? Yes, frankly - though not consistently. Have I had a better steak at the Palm, Ruth's Chris or Morton's? Oh yes. If you want a save a few bucks (and I do mean a few - less than $10 per steak), by all means try Ray's, but I'd rather pay a few dollars more for a better atmosphere, better service, a full bar, REAL soda (why no Coke or Pepsi products???), valet/parking and not to be herded about like cattle. Frankly, these days, you can find a much BETTER deal (See Morton's $99 special right now - salad, steak, seafood, dessert and 2 sides). Also, the 2 sides at Ray's don't do much for me as I didn't care for either - so it didn't add to my savings. I'm glad we tried it after hearing so much about it for all of these years, but we won't be going back.


What is real about Coke or Pepsi? Oh wait, it does have water in it...

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