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Fri, Feb 27 2009 at 03:20 PM

Weekly Blog Round Up

Posted by Ramona Padovano, Feb 27, 2009

Tomatoes local 600The *sigh* heard 'round the Beltway. That's what you witnessed Wednesday night after Top Chef's DC favorite, Carla Hall, was officially pronounced out of the running by head judge, Tom Colicchio. Prior to the airing of the final episode of season 5, Carla spoke with DCist. When asked about plans for her career after TC, Carla noted that she would like to open a kitchen in DC, with catering in the back, and a chef's table in the front where she could also hold classes. Additionally, Carla spoke about her enthusiasm for the diversity of cultural cuisine in the DC area, and the "huge and beautiful farmers market scene". If you find yourself at the Silver Spring Whole Foods, or the Dupont farmers market, shout out a  "Hootie" and see if you get a "Hoo".

This week, Bright Young Things published an interview with Chef Jamie Leeds of CommonWealth and Hank's Oyster Bar. At CommonWealth's Columbia Heights location, BYT and "disarmingly funny" Chef Leeds sat down for a Q&A. Chef Leeds discussed why she decided to open a gastropub, 5 must have ingredients, and what she thinks everyone should know how to make at home. Head over to BYT for the interview and terrific photos.

The Mediterranean Market was the subject this week in a post by Eat Washington. EW tells readers "Go at lunch and join the line for Gyro, Shawarma, Kofta, and other Middle Eastern favorites [made] to order, as well as various pizzas, including the unexpected Spinach version. You can  eat in at tables in the window." You can also read about the grocery side of The Mediterranean Market, which carries among other things, canned snails, stuffed olives, meat and spinach pies, and an Egyptian cheese, called Rumi.

If you like Martinis and Manhattans, but can't decide which one to imbibe in, order a Martinez, suggests Kelly, of Kelly's Grape Times. Found at The Gibson (and made by Derek Brown), Kelly describes the cocktail as "a precursor to the Martini made with Old Tom Gin (sweeter than most gins), floral Maraschino liqueur, sweet vermouth and orange bitters, and garnished with a flamed orange peel."

Kelly also wrote about other hot spots in and around 14th Street for DC Magazine. You can read the article here.

Finally, do you eat tomatoes in winter? Metrocurean raises this question vis a vis an article in Gourmet magazine, entitled "The Price of Tomatoes". Personally, I get through winter buying Campari tomatoes from Costco. But, this has me thinking--and doing my homework. Where do these tomatoes come from, and is there a human price being paid by virtue of the fact that many people, including me, buy them?


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go, carla, go!!

i cannot wait for the SS farmer's market to be in season again...

Joyce Handley

Look forward to this every week! Check out my blog for some great updates as well- will backlink to this awesome list!


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