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May 07, 2009



why you dissin' on jon?

i guess it's true that he made fun of the news media for going on and on, but his segment was pretty to the point...


Ray's is going to be bottlenecked for a while. Ugh.
Man, if Obama gets a hankering for Greek, he'd better not go to Kosta's Greek Deli on 19th-regular working folks will never be able to squeeze in lunch!
Loved the John Stewart segment. He's a hoot.


All those toppings an just MUSTARD??!!

In his defense, ordering a burger there is quite an ordeal. It takes a seasoned veteran to just walk up and order something.


Oddly enough, I swung by Ray's today, but I balked when I saw the line 15 deep on the sidewalk. So instead I went to... The Italian Store.

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