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Farm Fresh Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, we at DCFoodies.com get many questions from our readers about where they should get a fresh turkey. So to make it easier to answer these questions, we're creating this page to so we can direct people to it.

In my personal experience, a fresh turkey from a farm is much better than any of the frozen birds you can get at a grocery store or even the farmers market. The cook time is almost half that of a frozen turkey, and the turkey comes out much more moist and juicy. Even at the farmers market, lots of times the farmer will freeze the bird before you pick it up, which really kind of defeats the purpose of getting it directly from a farmer. So in the end, the most reliable way to get a fresh turkey is to go directly to the farm to get it.

The problem is sometimes it's a hike to get to a "local" farm. So if driving out to one of the farms listed below isn't an option for you, check with your local Whole Foods, Moms Organic Market, or the Organic Butcher in McLean and ask to make sure their birds are never frozen.  

For cooking instructions for your fresh turkey, check out this link on the Maple Lawn Farms web site which I have found to be very reliable.  

Here is the list of farms local to the DC Metro area where you can order a fresh turkey. (If you are a farm owner and don't see yourself listed here, please send your details to help@dcfoodies.com.) 


Good Fortune Farm - pasture raised, antibiotic, hormone, and animal by-product free turkeys. Call the farm directly to inquire about ordering details. 301-579-2105
18001 Horsehead Road
Brandywine, MD  20613 

Heyser Farms - Call to order a turkey. 
14526 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904

Maple Lawn Farms - This is where I order my turkey from every year. Their turkeys are  consistently fresh, juicy, and very flavorful. To order, fill in the request form on their web site. No deposit is required.

Weber's Farm - Pasture raised, hormone free turkeys raised in open air shelters. Orders can be placed on their web site and you can specify a size range. A $20 deposit is required to reserve your turkey.
2526 Proctor Lane
Parkville, MD 21234


Ayrshire Farm - Heritage turkeys raised certified humane and organic. As long as the turkey is ordered Thanksgiving week, the turkey is shipped fresh, otherwise, they are shipped frozen so time your order right. Turkeys can be ordered online. 
21846 Trappe Rd
Upperville, VA 20184

Chicama Run Farm - free range turkeys that are raised antibiotic, hormone, and animal by-product free with non-medicated commercial feed. Their online ordering form is a bit limited about the size and timing that you can pick up your bird, so it would be best to call them.
14809 Purcellville Rd
Purcellville, VA 20132

Fields of Athenry Farm - expensive ($7.75/pound), pasture raised turkeys. You can order from their web site or call 703.300.5765.  
38082 Snickersville Tpke.
Purcellville, Va 20132