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Cactus Cantina

Cafe Deluxe was totally packed last night because Monday is half-price wine night. Instead of waiting an hour, we walked down to Cactus Cantina. It was mediocre at best. There was like a pound of cheese on my enchilada, the plate was piping hot (good sign it had been sitting under the heat lamps for a while.) Amy's salad was a big bowl of lettuce, a few bits of chicken and a handful of overcooked corn. Blech!

The only things that are good at this place in any sort of consitant manner are the chimichanga and the fajitas. It is pretty much impossible to mess either of these up and you can get them everywhere.

Oh. One other thing, The margaritas suck here. They are all mix and no tequila.

I think the only reason we ever go here is when we try to go to another place and it is too crowded (like last night.)


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