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I just want to say right off, that my wife and I are not expert sushi eaters. We generally stick to tuna, salmon, and rolls. So given that, this review might not mean much to you...

Sushi Sushi recently opened a second location at the intersection of Wisconson and Macomb in NW. It moved in the vacant location where the Flat Top Grill used to be. As it's name sounds, it's a no nonsense sushi restaurant. They don't mess around with other Asian cuisines like Spices does.

The first thing we noticed was that the service is friendly and prompt. They have plenty of people there to serve you. I counted three different people that came by our table tonight. The miso soup was not your average miso. I found it was much better than that of other Asian restaurants. The soybeans are as good as any we've had at other Asian restaurants. Granted, it is hard to mess up soybeans.

The rolls were the highlight for us (big surprise). So far we have tried the spicy crunch tuna roll, spicy crunchy california roll, etc, etc. Tonight we tried the Sunny Delight roll. It was basically a california roll wrapped in Salmon with sweet and spicy sauce. Honestly, I would have never tried this unless Amy had ordered it, but it was excellent. Sushi Sushi also has temaki rolls which are cone shaped rolls that come in single servings. Both Amy and I found these a bit difficult to eat (Yes, I know, we are ignorant hicks). The sashimi was fresher than we have received at other sushi restaurants.

Overall we are very happy with our dining experiences at Sushi Sushi and we plan to continue to go back there. They are a reliable (so far) place that is close to us. If you live more than 20 minutes away, I would not go making a special trip. There are probably other sushi restaurants that are closer to you and are just as good.

Our average bill has been under $50 which is pretty reasonable when you consider we usually order drinks and appetizers.



I took my family to sushi sushi couple days ago for the first time, Sashimi is very fresh, their speical rolls are delicious.
On top of that the servers were very friendly and nice they come to our table few times to make sure we are doing all right.

I really like "SUSHI SUSHI" will go back regularly.


I'll have to try Sushi Sushi. If your looking for drinks and sushi in a longe atmosphere, I would recommend Dragonfly. It has very good sushi and a decent drink menu. The perfect place to hang with friends.


I have eaten there twice and will go back again and again. I recommend "The Bomb" roll and the broiled eel over rice in addition to the more traditional choices.

nka (private)

I have been going to Sushi Sushi for about 10 years now. It is still one of my favorite Sushi restaurants. The rolls are fresh and staff is friendly. I like their lunch speacial with rolls, miso soup and salad!!! Yuuummmmm.


Great, friendly service. Great sushi. Try the Rainbow Roll and the Volcano Roll. It's a party in your mouth!


I've gone to Sushi Sushi twice and had take out there once. Both the food and the service are bad.

First the service. Both times we've been there they've neglected to bring us at least one item that we ordered. The first time, they never brought us one of our sushi orders. The second time we were there, the place was near empty, but 3 waiters didn't come to bring us menus for over 15 minutes. In the same visit, they forgot to brought us our Asahi.

The sushi is also bad:
The sushi rice is overcooked. They use fake crab meat -- BAD fake crab meat. The avocado was on the verge of turning brown.

Variety consists of using one roll -- the rainbow roll and adding different types of fish on top.

I would not recommend going here.


I'd agree with that. My recent trips to Sushi Sushi have been pretty aweful. They started out pretty good, but then they slowly got more and more cheap with their ingredients. I dispise fake crab meat as well, especially the kind they use there.


Since I'm new to Glover Park and only living here for one year, I decided to not come back in favor of trying new things.

Your blogs been great! It's introduced me to all these wonderful restaurants. I just visited Malaysia Kopitiam today for lunch and had their Shrimp Noodles. Delicious. Can't wait to go back to try more dishes. Thanks for the rec!

Sushi enthusiast

This is one of those restaurants that you really want to like--friendly location, nice manager, cute story on the menu. Unfortunately, after eating here twice (i even gave it a second chance to be fair), i have to say that the service was unbearably slow and the cockroaches crawling up the wall next to me kept me from enjoying what would otherwise be good sushi. As i said, you really want to like this place, but it's not to be.

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