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Chipotle Disappointment

After going to the gym last night, I stopped by Chipotle in Tenleytown for dinner - you know, to take in double the calories I had just worked off. I ordered the Carnitas bowl with black beans, cheese, guacamole, and corn and green tomatillo salsas. The pork was really fatty, much to my disappointment. This is the second time this has happened. For some reason, Chipotle has changed the way they make the carnitas. I think I will be ordering the chicken from now on.



Hey there, I'm Amy's soap opera co-hort. Just wanted to share that out where I live (California) people have been getting MAJOR food poisoning from Chipotle's chicken. One friend brought home a burrito in which the chicken was still ICE COLD in the burrito, and my husband was actually in bed for three days from their chicken as well. COULD just be the particular restaurant not adhering to health codes. Scares the crap out of me either way.

This has been a 'so-what?' fact. Enjoy!


I have not heard anything from people here about Chipotle and food poisining. THAT DEFINITELY SCARES ME THOUGH! I think I will just stick to my usual chicken burrito, rather than being too adventurous with the carnitas. Plus I think the food poisoning you get from pork is worse than what you get from chicken. ;)


Recently got food poisoning from a chicken burrito at Chipotle's Rockville. So it's not just the Tenleytown restaurant...


I got the worst case of food poisoning of my life from a Chipotle in Kentucky a few days ago...I'm still not over it. I had a steak burrito and my friend had a shredded beef burrito and was sick as well. My friend who had a chicken burrito was fine, though. Just a warning!


My brother and I both got food poisoning after we both got the veggie burrito at a Chipotle in San Diego, CA. I also know a few friends who've had the same experience at different Chipotles within San Diego! eeesh.


Most cases of foodbourne illness are caused by cross contamination so unfortunately it doesn't matter how well the chicken is cooked and you are just as likely to get it from a meatless item. This is reason enought to avoid fast food where workers are unfamiliar with food safety and hygene issues.


I am a fan of Chipotle, and ususally get the Chicken burrito. I've noticed that the quality of the chicken meat at Chipotle is not the greatest. I wish they'd use better chicken. As far as fast food goes, it is better than most though.


I have always been a fan of chipolte but I just got sick from a Veggie burrito I ate from a location in Toledo Ohio. My boyfriend is also sick and had the steak one.

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