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Feb 08, 2004



Kinda good, kinda yukky. Some of the dishes seemed to be the result of experimentation for the sake of it, taste be damned, much like a nine year old in the kitchen alone. Our surpise amusing pre-dinner soup was mushroom chocolate cappuchinno. Bleaaggh, although my dining companion (pretended?) said she liked it. Since Komi was my recommendation and is pricey I think she wanted to be upbeat. The oysters arrived with a long explanation from one of the dapper glam twentisomethings about how they were not the ones that the restaurant ordered but were EVEN BETTER, and had a wonderful brininess. I felt that he protested a bit much, was trying to get us to perceive their too-strong oceansalty flavor as a positive. The homemade crackers had too many wierd spices that just didn't taste good -- okay anise crackers are creative but I don't actually want to eat them. And the textures had not yet been perfected. Some of these dishes are like arty fashion shows with clothes that it's understood no-one will wear. Is this why Tom S. gave it 3 stars, because he's bored?
But on the bright side the two vegetarian appetizers I had, mushrooms with papardelle (the papardelle was a bit tough) and the grilled asparagus were very yummy, and the doughnuts are outstanding. I found the servers a bit cold and unfriendly and a bit full of themselves, esp. given that they still live with mom. Big kudos for the very reasonable by-the-glass wine prices and excellent list. Opera could take notes on this one.


Seeing that Komi is ranked no. 1 on your site, I've finally decided to try it despite of a lack of website/advertising of the restaurant. Having a very low expectation on its service, I was already surprised when I made the reservation by phone that the person on the other end was quite friendly. I was surprised that I was able to get a reservation for dinner the next Saturday night.
When I arrived at Komi, my friends and I did not find the entrance to it very appealing. However, when we entered the restaurant, the simple yet modern decor changed our minds.
The servers were just like what the Post advertised - Teen Vogue waitresses who know the menu back to front. The service was great; they definitely kept on filling our glasses with water every now and then (even though it's 3/4 full) Our server was also very nice to explain everything on the menu.
The one thing I don't like about the menu is the appetizers. For this restaurant, I did not think the appetizers were very special, hence we didn't order any. For entrees, we got the seabass, scallops, quail, and tuna. The seabass came out in a whole fish, which was great. The tuna was cooked well with the skin fried; the quail, as mentioned on this site, is rather small. The scallops were average; i've definitely had better.
Onto the desserts: we had the strawberry dessert, three chocolate terrine, greek donuts, and lemon cupcake. My chocolate terrine was pretty good; at first I was appalled by the fact that they would put olive oil on it; but to my surprise, there was a tint of mint from the oil and it actually worked very well with the chocolate/shortbread. The other desserts were not bad.
I actually expected the prices to be a bit cheaper, but I would definitely say it's worth every cent (except maybe make the portions bigger).

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