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Mar 16, 2004



i live in largo and have been to five guys twice since they have opened. I was wondering if they tasted the same as they do in alexandria, and they did. HOORAY!!!!!!


I recently went to the Georgetown location and I was a little disappointed. My burger was dry and my fries we undercooked and soggy. I will have to try it again. It was NOT as good as the Alexandria or Largo locations. The largo location is managed evtremely well compared to other locations.


Five Guys has a new location in Stafford, VA. I live a couple miles away and my first visit there was just O.K. They are really new though. I grew up in Arlington and have been to the one on King Street a billion times. They have always been good to me. Even when they were located right off of Columbia Pike. I'll keep going back because it just has to get better with time.


Just reading over some old reviews to find ideas of places to eat and saw this entry...

Five Guys is rapidly expanding up and down the East Coast as well. I travel to Raleigh, NC a decent amount for work and they just opened up one there as well. I live right around the corner from the non-Old Town Alexandria Five Guys, so this restaurant is killing me!

The burgers are good, don't get me wrong, but to me the best thing are the fries. They aren't to some people's taste, since they aren't all that crisp, but they are just the way I like fries. They also have hot dogs which are very, very tasty.


Hm... The most horrible burger joint after the thing called White Castle. I can't believe you can eat there - fatty, tasteless burgers... I ate there 2 times and I think I am done with this joint for good.

Cecily Bundy

We lived in Arlington VA right off Columbia Pike when Five Guys first opened up and was told the owners were five guys that went to college together and one of their Mother's suggested they do this and made the hamburgs the way she did. Was so disappointed when the moved, but found them again in Old Town Alexandria and now have discovered they are all over the place and we have since moved to JVille NC and have occasion to go to Raleigh this weekend and certainly am going to find their shop and have one of their great hamburgers and french fries for lunch and perhaps one day they will open a store closer to JVille home of Camp Lejeune NC where lots of hungry Marines are stationed.

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