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Mar 27, 2004



hey-excellent site! just wanted to let you know that the hands-down, best ethiopian food is Langano in Silver Spring. amazing lamb dishes, and the vegetarian ones all do taste different. better than any place in adam's morgan, and half the price of zed's with better quality. i have taken friends there who do not like ethiopian, and then do a 180. just a suggestion...


Great site! I'm a fan of Meskerem...it's a lovely setting and the food is good. That aside, Harambe (corner of 18th and U, by el Tamarindo) is where I go. It's Eretriean as opposed to Ethiopian, but that's the same style and many of the dishes are the same. The food is always excellent, and it's inexpensive. Plus they have live music some nights.


Hey, great site...

I also wanted to drop you a note about a site that lists all Ethiopian Restaurants in DC and across the US, it will be a great resource for your blog readers both in town & out of town.

Ethiopian Restaurant .com (http://www.ethiopianrestaurant.com/)

It has Ethiopian food pictures & descriptions as well.



I've eaten at many of the Ethiopian restaurants in close-in DC, including Adams-Morgan, and hands-down, the best is Dama, next door to the Navy Annex on Columbia Pike. It's not the most beautiful place in the world, and they don't serve alcohol, but the kitfo is FABULOUS -- the best I've ever had. It's not rare meat, if you get the true Ethiopian version, it's RAW: finely minced, tender, very lean, seasoned with herbed butter and mit-mita (hot, red jalapeno powder). Truly delicious, you chickens should try it! They also have a coffee shop with excellent pastries and cakes -- beats Starbuck's by a mile.....


I really like Addis Ababa on 18th. It's closer to Harambe than the heart of Adams Morgan. I'm vegetarian, so I've never tried the meat dishes, but the veggie dishes have good flavor and you can't beat the prices. I always get the veggie combo and choose the first 5 dishes--I think that's possible because I always order at least for 2 people, usually 3-5. Additionally, I usually order one less "entree" than people. If there are 4 of us, I order veggie combo for 3.

Yum. Oh, and if it means anything, all the Ethiopian taxi drivers in DC (it seems) park outside and frequent the place. They have a bar downstairs too. Not fancy, but cheap and good.


When I first started eating Ethiopian food, I was a big fan of Meskerem, however I now prefer dukem or Sodere on 9th Street. I spent some time in Ethiopia this past summer and found that the food at both Sodere and Dukem was quite authentic.


Sodere is closed now. Dukem is very good but the service that I've experienced there has been quite bad.


The waitresses always gave us rude, unpleasant look (sometimes with arguments) whenever we ordered less than one entree per person (even though we also ordered plenty of appetizers-sambussas). FYI, the portion of Messob (combination platter) when we ordered for 4 people was not significantly larger than when we ordered for 1 person, strangely enough.


You like Zed's better, really? You should check out Etete in 9th Street. Last time I went I brought a couple who lived in Ethiopia for years & she thought it was the most authentic Ethiopian she has had in years.

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