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Old, err...New Faithful

My parents were here this weekend. Rather than go somewhere new and have a possibly disappointing dinner with them, we decided to go to Spezie. I know that is awful boring of us, but we knew my parents would enjoy it. When we lived in Gaithersburg, Il Pizzico was their favorite restaurant to go to when they visited.

To say the least, the whole dining experience was wonderful. I branched out a little and ordered the Insalata di Spinaci (Fresh spinach salad with gorgonzola, walnuts, pears and pancetta) for an appetizer. Amy ordered the Mozzarella and Roasted Peppers special again. I hope they make this a permanent addition to the menu. My parents loved their appetizers as well, ordering the special carrot and zucchini soup and Insalata Tricolore.

For entrees, we stuck to pastas since we were trying to keep the bill somewhat reasonable. Of course are Spezie, this is not a problem since their pastas are so awesome. Everyone loved what they ordered and I found a new favorite dish - Pappardelle al Sugo D'Anatra (wide pasta served with a tomato base duck ragu). We skipped dessert since we were all so full.

It's funny, we go here so often, the wait staff is starting to recognize us. As usual the service was impeccable. We saw Enzo walk by...As usual he did not stop by to say hello to us. Enzo, if you are reading this, stop snubbing us and say hello!

I'm just joking of course. I know you have better things to do.


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