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May 01, 2004


Michelle Wiss

C'mon, tell me more about that lamb!


It was killed fresh that morning! :P

Graham Elliot Bowles

Thank you for your kind note regarding your experience at The Jackson House Inn. Being the Executive Chef there, I can assure you that the lamb does come in fresh and whole; meaning that we butcher the entire animal on the property. I apologize if the server gave you too much info, but we try to let the guest understand that you can get so much more out of the dining experience knowing how much love and care went into preparing your meal. Rather than get a box of meat at the back door from some huge lamb company in New Zealand, we get ours delivered from an organic, free range farmer who raises the animals in a humane way Once you understand that this animal in fact gave its life for you to cook and serve, it takes on a diffrent meaning as you consume it. For more info regading philosophy, menus, pictures, etc, please visit my webpage at www.gebowles.com We look forward to cooking for all of you soon!

Chef Graham Elliot Bowles

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