Bistrot Lepic

And the award for most improved service goes to...


I had a late dinner there last night with Amy. We arrived around 9:30 and there was still a wait for a table. Big surprise.  We sat down for a drink at the bar and just as we finished our drinks, they called us.

There was something different from the start. Shortly after we were seated, someone came by to give us water and ask us if we wanted a drink. The best thing, though, is that the drinks actually arrived before our food. In the past we would have gotten our drinks after the main course has been served. Our appetizer came out shortly after our drinks. Oh, and get this: Someone actually asked me if I wanted another drink --  an event that never happened before at Indique.

It seems like Indique (click for my original review) has instituted the captain system and hired a bunch of new people. In previous trips to Indique, we had always noticed that there just weren't enough people on the floor to take care of all the tables. This time, however, we saw a full staff of food expeditors, head waiters, secondary waiters, bus people, and a person who did nothing but walk around and fill water glasses.  These were all welcome changes to what was an otherwise perfect restaurant. I hope the change is permanent.

Who knows, though, it might have only been better because we were there so late.


Joe Grossberg

Holy moly ... that mirrors our experience exactly.

My girlfriend lives in Cleveland Park and we went with a friend right around when it opened.

It took them a full half-hour to get us a diet coke. When the waiter arrived, he said they'd run out of glasses(!!!).

I do hope that the feedback got through to them, because the service was bad enough to ruin the place.

Randy Nanjad

Curious, does anyone know how to make the Indiqe martini (the sort of exotic one, with the tambrind in it)?
Cheer, R.


You seem like a great place to turn for help in a small quest i am on--finding a particular restaurant in DC. If you can offer any assistance, I would be forever grateful. I don't know the name, BUT it has (had?) the most avant-garde, strange, ingriguing menu i've ever heard. things like a tiny thimble of gelee made to offer the "essence of an arugula salad" and so forth. i know that if you are familiar with this restaurant, this will ring an instant bell. i think i remember hearing that it was in a hotel, but i am not sure on that. saw it on the food network a year ago and am hoping to visit in person in the near future. thanks for your help, your web site is fab!


If any restaurant were going to offer a dish like that, it would have to be Minibar. Since they change their menu all the time though, you probably wont find it there anymore. Otherwise, I've never heard of a dish like that. Perhaps you should submit your question on Tom Sietsema's chat on Wednesday and he can answer it better.


It sounds like Homaru Cantu's Moto work to me!

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