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Aug 07, 2004



i went to ceiba several weeks after it openened, sometime last fall, and absolutely hated it. probably the worst meal i've had in dc. the fish had way too much sauce on it, our waiter was horrendous, the churros for dessert were a total ripoff (small and expensive). i guess it's a good thing it's gotten better.
i'm also very much over latino fusion food... any good latino (esp. carribean) restaurants you recommend?)


We went to Ceiba's for my birthday. It was great. The cheese dip with steak (they call it something fancier) was awesome. The crab/conch fritters with mango creme were TO DIE FOR!!!!!!! Cruncy on in the outside, velvet on the inside. The chowder was a disappointing, not creamy at all :-(. The main dish (scallops with black beans) was good but not great. The octupus salad was delicious. The other main dish (some fish in tomato cumin broth - bland) was somewhat disappointing - appetizers and salads seem best. We had was also fab desserts, especially the chocolate/coffee cake with caramel corn. The drink I had, the playa - a creamy mango drink was like a cloud! The waiter had a severe case of OCD. He tried to get the sugar for my coffee off the table before I had even set it down. Jeez, overall a nice experience.

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