Ceiba - Say it with me...SAY-bah

It's what you've been waiting for...the Top 5 for August

Last month, I had a chance to try a bunch of great, new places. Thanks to Restaurant Week, the decisions I make here have become all the more harder. Dropping off the top 5 this month are Heritage India and Café Olé. Why? I think that Café Olé got on the list last month on an oversight by me. Not that it isn't good - It's a wonderful place to get a meal. I just wonder sometimes if it wasn't around the corner from me, that I would go there nearly as much. Also, when I was putting the list together for August, I literally jumped out of my skin when I realized that I had left Two Amy's off the list last month. Heritage India is great, but I already have an Indian restaurant on the list and right now I would definitely say that Indique is better than Heritage India.

Joining the list this month are 2 Amys (already explained that one) and Pesce. Now I hesitated to add Pesce to the list because I've still only had a chance to eat there once. However, after the emails I have received thanking me for writing my review of Pesce and how wonderful they think that place is, I couldn't help but give it the #5 spot.

1) Indique
2) 2 Amys
3) Spezie
4) Palena
5) Pesce

In September, look for Ceiba to join the Top 5. I'm just clueless what will drop off. Maybe I will have to make this a Top 10.


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