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Aug 21, 2004



I have lived in Miami for over 40 years BUT did live in DC for awhile. One of the best places for authentic "Cuban" food in Miami is "Casa Larios" in South Miami...they also have a live latin band on Friday and Saturday night..they are great!!!also "Versailles" in little Havana...inexpensive and great food!!! All the restaurants on South Beach are tourist traps and over priced!!


I also live in Miami, and can vouch for one place in specific thats very unique to Miami....."Los Ranchos". Its a staple here, they've got about 5 locations, but haven't lost that excellent service (like large chains often do. Oh, and the food of course is great. Nice juicy steaks with classic latin sauces and compliments....and the desserts! Damn I'm hungry.


i've been living on miami beach for the last 6 years and i've been eating my way across town. sorry to hear you had a hard time finding good local eateries but i think it's just because you didn't know where to look. for future reference, i'd recommend avoiding almost every restaurant on ocean drive (save maybe the front porch cafe and a very select few others) and to definitely avoid any restaurant owned by a celebrity (ie yuca, larios on the beach, etc- emerils actually included, he always overseasons). regardless, don't completely discount miami's food - i, for one, have definitely gained weight since i've been here :o)


You should have done your research and skipped all the most touristy spots in South Florida. Sorry it wasn't as good as "up north" -- trust me... we hear that a lot. Next time - maybe try a different state?

Miss Miami

yeah well, you should've done your research and come during August for Miami Spice month. A three course gourmet dinner at over 100 critically-acclaimed restaurants will only cost you $30 or so. You can research each restaurant's offerings and atmosphere on the miami spice website beforehand so that you can make an educated decision about where you dine and what you order. I changed my trip to Miami to August last year when I learned about Miami Spice on the New Times website. It was so worth it. And now I live here, so I will be enjoying every day of it this year!

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