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Three Indian Meals in 36 Hours

Ok, I think I am officially addicted to Indian food.

Last weekend, I managed to eat 3 meals at Indian Restaurants in 36 hours. It started at lunch on Friday. I went to the buffet at Bombay Masala in Greenbelt. I have been there with my coworkers a number of times for the buffet. It costs $6.95 - a pretty good deal. They always have a good selection of dishes to choose from, and the Chana Masala is always a hit with everyone.

That night, we ordered take-away from Indique. We just didn't feel like going out. As usual, it was great. We tried the samosa chaat for the first time and we liked it a lot.

The next day, we were seeing Garden State and the Landmark Theater in Bethesda. We were trying to figure out where to eat. I realized that we had never been to Passage to India since we attended the Indian Street Food Event they hosted.

"Indian food again?!" I said.

"Hell yeah!" Amy replied.

So we ended up there. It was wonderful, and I plan to post a full review of our experience there.

We did not eat anymore Indian food that weekend.


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