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Day of weird food choices

Today, Amy and I had the day off. My schedule looked something like this.

7:30 - Get out of bed. Take Ceiba out for walk. Wait 30 hopeless minutes for her to go to the bathroom. Come back inside.

8:00 - Check work email. End up working for an hour answering emails and giving minions work to do - End up hating myself for it.

9:00 - Wake up Amy for Dr. Appt.

10:00 - Take Amy to Dr. Appt.

11:00 - Leave Dr. Appt.

11:30 - Stop at Starbucks for Venti Iced Coffee.

12:00 - Stop at Krispey Kreme for Original Glazed

12:30 - Go to Mall. Stop at Legal Seafood for New England Clam Chowder, watch US Open on USA. Make fun of preview for new Wimbledon movie. Think of possible other titles for Wimbledon movie, if they could not get the rights for the name Wimbledon: Advantage - Love, All You Need Is Love, Tennis Rules!, Kirsten Dunst looks like Anna Kournikova (or Maria Sharapova), Duece's Wild, Racket Attack, Center Court, etc, etc.

1:00 - Stop at Sephora - Nuff said.

1:30 - Go home.

2:00 - Walk to Cactus Cantina with Amy and Ceiba. Order a pitcher of margaritas, queso and chicken tamales.

3:00 - Order another pitcher of Margaritas.

4:00 - Walk home. Stop and pick up dry cleaning.

And that was my day off. Sound fun?


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