Day of weird food choices
Friday night dinner already planned

Search Engines

So I was looking at my search engine referals today and I came across some interesting ones. Here are a few of them.

Ethiopian Food Miami - <Begin Sarcasm>Yeah. Good luck with that one my friend. I couldn't even find good Cuban food in Miami.</End Sarcasm> - Whoever searched for this - you're ok in my book. :)

Adams Morgan Indian Delivery - RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! Dude, you don't want to go there.

Graham Elliot Bowles - Now this one is the most fascinating to me. comes up 1st. 1st! Before the actual Chef's web site. Hey Google! Is there something wrong with your search algorithms?

Strip Club Herndon VA - Heh. No p0rn here. Try again later.

Cieba, Washington DC - Ok, so this is how I figured out that I had spelled Ceiba wrong in my post about that restaurant.

Brazilian Food DC - If you find a good Brazilian restaurant in DC, PLEASE let me know.


Joe Grossberg

"this is how I figured out that I had spelled Ceiba wrong"

Same here, with Charles Barkely [sic]

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