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Sep 05, 2004



I'm going to Bob's Noodle 66 tonight, will have to come back and post a note about my experience! (usu I go to Joe's Noodle House or A&J, but will to try the next latest & greatest)


Wow, what a feast! We dined at Bob's Noodle 66 in downtown Rockville, and I was temporarily paralyzed from ordering on the menu b/c of the so many apparently authentic Taiwanese & Chinese dishes on the menu. I wasn't daring enough to even try 2/3 of the appetizer menu. What we did order was great, and large portioned too. For appetizer: seaweed was great, smelly tofu was great. For dinner: 3 cup chicken, Chinese sausage fried rice, beef with watercress, and broad bean spicy fish (sea bass was what they had.) The fish was cooked in lots of hot sauce, as if a whole jar of broad bean paste was used, spicier than I expected, but absolutely delicious.

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