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Wow! He actually did his review recap two weeks in a row. Hell must have frozen over or something.

Yes, people. I have once again written the review recap...For the second week in a row. I followed up on one of my promises. Unlike, the one where I said I would follow up with the church in GTown about whether or not they are still holding Taste of Georgetown this year. Really, I still intend to call them and find out. But wait!

The Georgetowner confirms that Taste Of Georgetown IS IN FACT being held at Grace Episcopal Church on Wisconsin Ave. They also talk about Martin's Tavern (yawn) and all those tourist trap restaurants along the water there in GTown (double yawn).

The Washington Times reviews B. Smiths.
B. Smiths??? And the Union Station location at that.

Wow! Finally a review that is worth reading. In this weeks Blade, Rebecca Weber reviews Colorado Kitchen. I have yet to eat here - I know, I know, HOW DARE I?! But EVERYONE (and when I say EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE) says this place is awesome. So someday I will eat there, but I have this feeling it will be a total disappointment because it had been built up so much for me.

Tom Seitsema gives Poste 2 out of 4 stars which is exactly how many stars the average user rating is on The Post for that restaurant. His review seems pretty lukewarm, but more positive than negative.

The Weekly Dish highlights Sweet Mango Cafe in Petworth. Someone must have read my Search Engines post where I asked for someone to point out a good DC Jamaican Restaurant. Oh wait, that was Brazilian. Close enough.

That's everything? Yeah, I guess so. As usual, please email me if I am missing any reviews.


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