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Sep 26, 2004


Joe Grossberg

Vace's also got tasty subs and good Italian groceries.


The best Jumbo Slice is the one on U between the Metro and Ben's. It's the same pizza, but they have seats and the crowd is much friendlier. And less prone to wearing white hats and puking on your shoes.


You are forgetting the Italian Store! Their white pizza is completely worth the trip to Arlington.


I second the Italian store :D I've been to the top 3 and Italian store is still #1 for me.


Wow. Two recs. I WILL have to try the Italian Store for sure now.

katie cannizzaro

I love Jumbo Slice!!! Im going ther tonight actually! Good indian food there too if you like spicy things. The pizza really is jumbo and there is indian music playing which makes it fun. Close to the metro too. Cool place, but at night its sometimes not so good a neighborhood.


I'd also add Famous Luigi's on 19th to the "best DC pizza" category. They have great topping selections including fresh sausage and chicken sausage which are "must orders"! In my estimation it's hard to find good, fresh sausage on pizza. Unfortunately I've always been disappointed Luigi's pasta dishes so just stick with the pizza. It's worth a trip, despite the spotty service. The bottom floor has a romantic ambience as well, which is a plus. If you're going to the Italian Store in Arlington, Jason, be sure to pick up some of their homemade pesto sauce. It's pricey (6-8 bucks for a small tub) but worth it as a special treat. You might want to call in advance because sometimes they don't have it. Also, they have great cannolis if you have a sweet tooth.


sette at conn. ave and r st. gets my vote for best pizza. for down and dirty, quick and easy (since i live in adams morgan) jumbo slice is great (not sure if it's the same one mentioned here though; i'm thinking of the one with red swinging doors).

The Dude

faccia luna is hands down the best pizza in the area. no joke.


daniel Conway

Vace has a fine authentic italian pie, and I have always thought that 2 Amy's was my fav, but now I must say that Sette serves the best pizza in town. and...The staff is great (eat at the bar- Ephraim and Raido are thebest!) and the salads, grilled fish and pasta are never disappointing.
My friend and I eat their at least once a week.

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