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Oct 29, 2004



OK....where to begin? I dined at Galileo last night on the advice that the menu was inexpensive....My friend and I were strapped for cash....The apps were $8-$10, the pasta and meat dishes were $20-$30.......I was going to order the most expensive bottle of red as advised but it was over $1000 (the $9 glass I got was excellent though)....Did you mean glass of wine? The food was excellent but for the two of us, 2 drinks, 2 entrees and one dessert the bill was $120. Not cheap!


Oh no! Osteria del Galileo. Not Galileo. You have to ask for the Osteria. I'm so, so sorry. I should have been more clear that you need to do that. :(


I want to add to this review..
I did the same thing with my family in town.. we wanted to save money and I just happened to read about the Osteria..
I was floored at how reasonably priced the food was and how it's just as good. (things often taste better when they're cheaper anyway!)
I had some of the best pasta of my life there.
The Agnolotti I believe... get it!


No truer words have been spoken about Osteria del Galileo. Wow, it's gotta be one of the the best unknown deals out there. I went this past Saturday night on a perfect cool July night [who'd have thunk that?]. Bottle of wine, shared an app / pasta, & got our own entrees and dessert - grand total of $77. Galileo quality too. Yum!

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