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Oct 25, 2004



Jason, your culinary gravitas is amazing. I'll be sure and stear clear of this joynt. Thanks for posting your reviews. It's a great service to us DC foodie types. I'm at a loss for a good southern Italian restaurant. Has anyone heard of meat filled ravioli or tortellini in this town? It's disgraceful. How about a nice and hearty bolognese sauce? Is that too much to ask? I'm not into all this foo foo vegetarian Italian. What do you suggest oh gustatory wise one?

PS I had a wonderful dinner last night at the Lebanese Taverna at Pentagon Row (they also have DC & MD locations). Lots of garlic puree is a must! Fresh baba gannoush (sp?) and hot from the oven pita bread was also a winner. For an entree I had the shish taouk which is a fancy name for a chicken kabob (one of my favorites). I also recommend the chicken or regular schwarma. My wife loves the lamb kabob. Just make sure your bring plenty of strong gum or breath mints the next day to work. Did I mention there's lots of garlic? They even have mint mouthwash in the bathrooms. They have a huge menu with plenty of mezza, and many vegetarian dishes, something for everyone. I also recommend a citrus martini to kick the meal off right. At $7 a glass its reasonably priced. I'd also recommend a glass, half or full bottle of the lebanese Ksara red wine. Very good and reasonably priced. Everybody I meet in DC loves the Lebanese Taverna. That's no joke. Best, Dominic


Vace on Conn. Ave. sells meat filled ravioli. AS far as restaurants, I don't know any that have it. Your best bet would be to try Maggiano's or AV Ristaurant Italiano on NY Ave.



Really enjoy your page as I have moved to DC a little while ago and find you have to know the restaurants as some are really not up to snuff. I was wondering if you know of anyone who does samosa's, etc. for catering for a party here in DC? Thank you. Francesca


I imagine just about any Indian restaurant will do that for you.
Heritage India would be who I would go with or Indique.



You were not sick before you went there, you got sick after that. The service you know is gone, because there are only rude people there now, but the lasagna is the same, not enough souce, bad cooked, small portion and a smaller portion if your friend order the same plate. Small tables and expensive drinks. They can't eve serve a coke right. I asked for regurla coke and got diet, I complained and asked for another coke and the waiter refused to do it.


The service at Sette was weird when we went there -- very attentive, but lacking in certain knowledge about how the whole dining process should work.

For instance, they continually cleared the silverware with each course. Normally, that wouldn't be too bad if the next course included special utensils (oyster forks, steak knifes, etc), but we were left with only our dessert spoons for the soup course and had to request salad forks to be brought back to the table.

The accoustics were also very loud. I think the beautiful glass walls reflect lots of sounds back into the dining area.

We haven't been back to try again.


Hi- I noticed tha you do not take reservations, and we were there on Wednesday, and even though they were lots of seating outside, the host said we could not sit outside. We left and went to Teaism. What's up tith that?


Don't like that Sette doesn't slice your pizza for you. Would also have liked it if they had given my companion and I some bread to go with our non-pizza entreƩ. Don't the Italians soak up the juice with the bread? The pizza with escarole and gaeta olives was amazing, though. Veal scallopini special was also very good.


An update on Sette's service: went there this week and had the worst service of my life. No attention, took forever, and all capped off by the fact that they overcharged us, and when we pointed it out to them, they ARGUED with us over it, including the manager. I will never return to Sette again.


Without a doubt, THE most horrible restaurant experience I've ever had. We were a party of four and ordered drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts(to a total of $120). After two hours (we had some catching up to do), our waiter comes over and says, "you've been here two hours and people are waiting!!" (there wasn't a soul waiting to be seated) After we inform him that his behavior is unacceptable, he says we can stay if we order more coffee or desserts. If I ever ran my business like that, I am 100% confident I would lose ALL my clients. Just like they lost the four of us as diners. The saddest part was that this guy insisted that his behavior was quite normal and we were the ones being rude. All of this was quite unfortunate, as the meal itself was lovely.


Sette Osteria: what a nightmare. After waiting waiting waiting we were seated at an outside table at the edge of a parking garage--and there were no plants or barriers against the constant exhaust fumes as cars went in and out. They didn't realize that it's not a good idea to seat people more or less in the parking garage?

Service here is abominable. It took about 25 minutes for our Prince Slacker waiter to bring some water and take orders for drinks. Then another 20 minutes for the drinks to arrive, and one of the orders was wrong. So there was another long wait until he could manage to deliver the drink I ordered.

We ordered a pizza to share as an appetizer, salads, and main courses. Everything took forever. Dirty dishes were left sitting on our table. Water was not refilled. Our waiter was a freakin' phantom--and rude to boot.
And an idiot who made mistakes in our orders and never once apologized.
In fact he acted as if we were imposing on him by asking him to bring the dishes we had actually ordered. Before some time next week.

The pizza was fine but not sliced. You should bring your own pizza cutter if you decide to visit Sette Osteria. Woe to you if you decline the waiter's recommendation (no one wanted the arugula marinated in lemon juice he was trying to get rid of). Expect for one diner to have to sit and wait while everyone else gets their food, and then there will be another long wait while the idiot waiter takes the wrong order back to the kitchen and puts in a request for what you had originally ordered around 75 minutes earlier. He has a short attention span. And what's really unbelievable: he arrives at the table when three out of four dishes have been served and announces--doesn't ask us, but announces "okay! everything's okay here!!" And then tries to slink away, as one of us yells "NO it's not okay! You got one of our orders wrong and one guest here has NO FOOD at all!" He doesn't even bother to check out the table, and scurries away for another long break.
When the dish arrives--45 minutes after everyone else at the table has been served, I am treated to a soggy mess of wilted salad that has marinated in what tastes like brine for way too long and a bizarre looking chicken breast that appears to have been vulcanized and boiled. It is dead white--no grill marks, no browning. It is tough, dry, and completely tasteless. And cold, since it was probably ready when everyone else's main course was ready but forgotten by the BAD waiter.
Did we want dessert and coffee? No way--who knows how long it would have taken, and how many mistakes the waiter would have made before bringing what we ordered.


I ate at Sette last night, and it was terrible. Entrees arrived about five minutes after we ordered them. Her gnocchi was rubbery, and my lasagna had obviously been sitting under a heat lamp for a long time--they just dumped a little tomato sauce on top to make it look freshly cooked. I'd take any of the red sauce joints in Dupont (like Otello) over this place.


We ate at Sette last month and it wasn't that great either. I was really disappointed, as it has previously been one of my favorite "fall back" restaurants...somewhere you can go that is usually decent food and service. This time, the gnocchi was rubbery as well and had far too much cheese dumped on it. My pizza was ok, but nowhere near 2amy's level. The waiter was also a little inconsistent, as he kept forgetting waters and utensil requests.


i love sette. i think thy have some of the best thin crust pizza (4 cheese rocks)in town. i stay clear of the rest of the menu. The meat plate is big and wonderful and the dessert is decent. i love to have a relaxed no frills pizza night there.


I eat at Sette several times per month. Stick with the basics and you will appreciate the quality of the ingredients. The restaurant can be obnoxiously loud and the wait can be long on the weekend so go during the week. My staples are the fennel salad, wood grilled calamari, and the margarita pizza.

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