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Oct 10, 2004



Meyhane was a huge dissapointment for us. They refused to honor most of the items in their menu with pretty lame excuses like; "octopus is not cut yet"(!!)
"We need to melt the chocolate for the souffle, we can't do it right now" (?!!)

On top of that, no one once cared to ask how our dinner was.

The rest of the food that we were successfull at ordering was worse than I've ever eaten in my life (and I am from Turkey!)

Any other Turkish restaurant, cafe tu-oh-tu or cafe divan in the area would beat their food with much better service quality for a cheaper fare. Don't spend a dime on this place.


I'm curious, what do you think of places like cafe tu-oh-tu or cafe
divan? Are they authentic? Are there any Turkish restaurants in our
area that actually serve authentic Turkish food. I am a big fan of
Cafe Divan, but I am not from Turkey.


Cafe Divan is the closest you can get to authentic turkish food in dc region imho. me and bunch of my friends who frequent cafe divan agreed that their iskender is much better than what you can find on a random trip to a kabob house in istanbul. iskender is one of the most longed-for food item by the turkish expatriates, since it can not be prepared at home...so quite a number of turks tend to judge a restaurant by its "iskender" quality :) they don't offer much variety in seafood though... the only turkish seafood restaurant I know is in new york.

Cafe Tu-Oh-Tu resembles the corner cafes in coastal turkey with its laid-back cafe setting with its backgammon, freshest orange juice and grilled 'yengen'... not all items on their menu are turkish though... you should ask specifically which ones are authentic turkish; 'yengen' is called some italian name in the menu for example (which i don't recall right now)

J passing through

Nizam's in Vienna is good (and Turkish). http://www.nizamsrestaurant.com/

As far as Meyhane, the manager gave me such a bad impression over the phone that I decided to never eat there. Glad to hear that the food would have probably been a dissapointment anyway.

It is always a shame when restaurants forget that they are basically retail, and have to depend on happy customers. And that unhappy customers spread the word faster than happy ones, so it is best to keep everyone happy.


Do you know Bistromed.? to many student visited the Bistromed. specialy georgetown`s girl`s . i don`t know if you like turkish food or you wander it ... Just try it.

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