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This year for Thanksgiving, I'm ordering my turkey fresh from a local farm rather than get it frozen at the local grocery store. Basically, the farm kills the turkey the day before you plan to pick it up.  Some co-workers clued me into this farm and they swear by it. Fresh turkeys are much better than frozen ones according to them which makes complete sense to me. The farm is called Maple Lawn Farms and they are located in Fulton, MD. They have an online order form where you can submit your order, specify the type of bid, size and when you want to pick up the turkey. From the Maple Lawns web site:

"At Maple Lawn Farms, we have been raising farm-fresh, healthy turkeys for 66 years.   Henry Iager purchased the original 108 acre parcel of land in Fulton in 1839 and the Iager family has actively farmed the land ever since.  Over the years, the family has produced dairy cattle, hogs, and chickens as well as field crops, and, of course, our specialty, "ShoNuf" oven-ready fresh turkeys--oven-ready turkeys with absolutely nothing added.

The fifth generation of Iagers is now actively involved in the day to day farming operation at Maple Lawn. From putting out day old turkey poults, checking and filling feed bins, to retailing our product to the customer, we know what makes our product extra special--the family pride in raising and producing a product that is the best that it can be.

Our large, modern barns allow our turkeys plenty of fresh air and room to move about. Our turkey growing practices are well thought out and designed to produce the tastiest, most nutritious turkey possible. The turkey's nutritional needs are overseen by a Ph.D. nutritionist, who constantly monitors the flock's growth and progress.

Your health is our main concern.  We are proud to offer a product that is naturally high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol.   We maintain the strictest of "control" for a healthy, clean, environment to grow and pamper our birds.  Remember--we feed these turkeys to our families too.  Your healthful concerns are our healthful concerns.

We specialize in offering a broad range in sizes, from 12 lbs. to 50 lbs.--for every family size and holiday occasion."



Mmmm. Another thing I have yet to try. You have to tell us how good it is.

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