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TasteDC has organized another Indian food event at Heritage India on Dec. 1 at 7pm. This time, they are having a five-course curry dinner featuring a different curry from each region of India. You get all the courses listed below for $65 a person. Wine is also included in the meal although the TasteDC web site does not say what wines they will be serving. I might just have to try to go to this one.

First Course - West of India
Light fluffy dumplings made of chickpeas topped with coconut shavings and served with date and tamarind chutney

Second Course - South Of India
Chettinad Chicken with Porial and Lemon Rice
Spicy chicken in pepper sauce, Fresh Vegetables in a mild curry sauce,A fragrant lemon flavored Basmati rice

Third Course - East of India
Chana Dal with Shukno Aloo and Basmati Rice
Yellow lentils with coconut and raisins, potatoes roasted with cumin, Steamed Basmati Rice

Fourth Course - North Of India
Yakhani Gosht with Palak Makai and Naan/Parantha
A rich lamb curry from Kashmir, Spinach with sweet corn, Soft white bread/layered whole wheat bread

Dessert Course
Indian Rice Pudding


Joe Grossberg

Seems like a serious rip-off, given how many Indian places (some good, some awful) offer lunchtime buffets.


I think the food you're going to get there will be slightly better than just about any buffet you'll find. Plus, I don't think you would find those kind of dishes in a buffet. I think it will come down to the wine they offer with the meal. If they are offering a glass of GOOD wine with each course, it will be one thing, but if you are only getting a couple glasses of cheap merlot, it would be another. I have to admit, $65 is on the pricey side.

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