Restaurants Open Thanksgiving



This is slightly off topic for today, but it refers to Kuna closing. Your post made my heart start to race, so I contacted Phil Spalding, one of the ANC Commissioners for the area. Living in the area, I hated the thought of losing a good place to eat.

Kuna has closed and been remodeled/redecorated. The same owners and same chef remain at the new restaurant, Opera. Opera has a more French orientated menu than Kuna, but Phil reports that it is excellent. No word on whether the prices remained the same or not.

I'm relieved that U Street will retain the restaurant, as it is one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood.


Thanks for the update. I had heard that Kuna was changing formats to French, which kind of disappointed me. I mean, they had great Italian food there at a reasonable price. Hopefully Opera will be just as good if not better.

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