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Nov 29, 2004



in case you want to try more burmese food, there's a restaurant called "burma" by the MCI center (on 6th somewhere between E and G streets). it's pretty good, and more hold-in-the wall than straits, but i've only been for lunch.


Awesome. I was not aware there was another Burmese restaurant in the area.


HA! Just got the weekly entertainment section from the Washington Post. Are you and Tom pacing each other, or what? Looks like he went recently as well. Jason, my friend... keep up the good work!


Interesting. I haven't had a chance to read it yet...

It's really unintentional. I had no idea he was planning to post a review this week. I thought the post had already reviewed Mandalay.


Went there tonight and had the Thursday chicken special with coconut rice- well worth it...make sure to have it spicy! Also had the tea leaf salad you had- I really liked it- made me think of blue cheese but I guess that's what the "fermented" is about. Thanks, Jason for this site - I read it all the time.


This restaurant was recommended to me by the owner of a bookstore two doors down. She said it was always crowded. I was quite pleased with the results because I had no idea what Burmese food would taste like.

The waiter was friendly and very helpful when he took my order.

I ordered my entree with medium spiciness but could have used the "very spicy" as it did not seem like a "picante" dish to me. When looking at the meal itself, the quantity seemed just about right, but, when I was done, I was stuffed! I had ordered 1/2 an appetizer (KaYann Thee Gyaw/Eggplant Fritters) which I shared with my friend and KyetThar PinSane/NaNanBin Hin (chicken chunks simmered in onion-tomato curry with basil or cilantro) that was served with rice. I enjoyed the YayNway Gyan (hand picked green tea from the Myanmar Mountains) that was served very hot. No room for desert this time!

For a shared appetizer, one beverage and two entrees, my friend and I split the bill of $27 (food, tax, tip). It was a great meal and I'm sure I'll be bringing more people to enjoy Burmese food here.


I live down the street from Mandalay and eat there about once a week - as it gotten more and more crowded, the service has been on a steep decline. They could stand to hire some more wait staff. I actually think Burma near MCI center is better food and a more interesting selection but its like picking between your 2 favorite ice creams.

Also - they run out of that Thurs night special pretty quick - so get there early. I was there at 7:30 last night - already gone!


This was my second visit to the Mandalay in silver spring after about a year.I am sorry to say but the food quality was not the same.The CH 10 and SF 03 dish we ordered both had a lot of spice,not the chilli spice,but just way too concentrated curry,if you know what i mean!Also they dont allow you to sit at a table till all members of the party arrive,in our case on friend was parking the car,so we all had to wait at the door till he came in,while other parties got seated before us,i thought this was weird and rude!Also never go here after 9 pm. They are in a rush to close at 10 pm.and most often are rude with their services,including banging the plate right back before you when we interrupted the guy from picking up my friends unfinished plate.


This was also our second visit to Mandalay, we were there in April 2007. Both times the service was poor and we had a hard time communicating 'hot'. Both times the food was almost spiceless. Be careful of the drinks. I had a pretty weak Cosmopolitan that I drank anyway, but was shocked when I got the bill and saw the drink was $9. When I talked to the disinterested manager about the spiceless food and weak drink, he blandly replied I should have mentioned it when it was delivered. If you want good customer service, don't go to Mandalay. There are a lot of good ethnic restaurants in the Silver Spring area, this isn't one I'd recommend.

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