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Last night, Amy and I returned to Osteria del Galileo. I wanted to see if they were truly empty on the weekend as the waiter had told us the last time we were there. Truth be told, our experience was significantly different than our last visit. I'm going to be pretty harsh when I say this, so some of you Osteria fans might want to cover your eyes. I think what I witnessed last night was one of the most disorganized restaurants I've ever visited. I liken it to an IHOP I once went to. OK, maybe that's a bit too harsh.

Have you ever had a stress dream? Since I used to wait tables, my stress dreams usually involve waiting tables on a really busy night. I arrive 30 minutes late to work, all of my tables have been sat and have been waiting the entire time, and it's not my fault because the manager decided to move the schedule up without telling me. Oh and most likely I forget to bring my uniform or something. So was the night that it seemed our waitress was having.

Food was timed horribly, took forever to come out, and wrong orders were constantly brought to the wrong tables. I do want to say that our experience wasn't really that bad - others, however, were having a bad night. A table that ordered before we sat down, didn't get their food until after we had finished ours. Now I eat fast, but not that fast. I saw our waitress pleading with expediters to bring food out. A number of times the waitress would come out to check if people had our food and then run back to the kitchen to tell them we were still waiting. At times, the expediters were just blindly taking food out, placing it down on a tray and walking away, expecting the waitress to deliver the food. Other times they would bring it out and ask the waitress where the food was supposed to go. Why didn't they know? It does not seem like Galileo has any system at all for the Osteria for delivering food. They desperately need one. I think on a weeknight, their system works because they don't have many tables both at the Osteria and the "real" Galileo. However, last night, Osteria was full and so was Galileo. There was no wait at any point that I noticed for the Osteria, but it was full. So either our waiter, the first night we went to Osteria del Galileo, was inaccurate or a lot of you have been reading my site and you took my advice and went there. If so, I apologize for the disarray you might have experienced last night.

Overall, our food was great. I would hesitate to order the pepper soup again. It was rather bland. Otherwise, my duck and pomegranate salad tasted very interesting and Amy's speck and pecorino raviolini with marscarpone cheese sauce was outstanding. My ravioli with marinara was a pretty small portion, but what do you want for $7 when the pasta is homemade and the food tastes as good as it does.  The highlight of the meal though was the chocolate banana we ordered for dessert. It was a chocolate fudgey mousse over lady fingers and sliced bananas. I LOVE chocolate and bananas. We ordered the coffee for 3 because we are caffeine addicts, but coffee for 1 came out. The waitress was there when it came out and she was like, "No! No!. I wrote down coffee for 3!" So she told the expediter to bring out another coffee. We then waited another 15 minutes for the other coffee to come out while we ate the dessert. All said and done, the meal came to $67 before tip for a bottle of wine, 2 apps, 2 pastas, coffee and dessert. The waitress only charged us for 1 coffee, and $5 for an $11 dessert, apologizing for the mishaps of the evening. I don't think the service issues that Osteria was having were the waitresses fault. I think the system there just needs improvement.

Despite our bad experience last night, I wont hesitate to go back to Osteria Del Galileo. The food is excellent and reasonably priced. I just hope they fix the system for expediting food.



so-need to take a friend out for a "cheap" birthday dinner (i'm paying and don't have a lot of money). osteria del galileo or the bar at palena? she hasn't been to either, and it's an important birthday. i'd ask tom, but i don't think i'd get my question answered. looking for guidance...thanks!


Well, I'd say that if you are going during the week, you should go to Osteria. If it's on the weekend though, I would go to Palena's Bar because Osteria's system isn't working so great yet when they are busy.


I know it's been a while since you posted, but I had to comment lest anyone is looking through your old posts deciding to go. We went for my friend's birthday - it was a party of 10 and the Osteria was kind enough to take a rez for us, which impressed me. That's pretty much where it ended though. It took us 4, yes 4 hours to complete our meal (apps, entrees & desserts). Not to mention, the large number of vegetarians in our group had a REALLY limited selection (read: one entree) to choose from. I happened to get that entree (I don't eat red meat or pork) - it was penne pasta with eggplant in a marinara - and it was disappointing. The eggplant was so hard my friend didn't even eat it. I ate mine only b/c the portions were so small I would have starved otherwise. The only good thing about the night, aside from the price, was in fact that $22 bottle of Barbera. Excellent wine.


How crowded were they? Amy and I went a couple weekends ago and we were the only ones there. I wasn't terribly impressed with my entree. But everything else was good. Service?...Well, we were the only ones there, so I'd expect the service to be excellent. Sorry you and your friends didn't have such a good time.

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