Samantha's Revisited

Plans for Today

I'm planning on going to Samantha's again for lunch today. I just can't resist their pupusas. I was thinking of eating leftover turkey like most of you probably are, but we're out of gravy and reheated turkey just isn't any good without gravy.

Like usual, we made WAY TO MUCH for Thanksgiving this year. The 12-14lb fresh turkey we ordered from Maple Lawn Farms ended up being an 18lb turkey because they ran out of 12-14 lb turkeys. Oh well. It just means I have lunches for work for about a month now. The turkey was EXCELLENT though. I mean, it was probably the best turkey I've ever eaten - juicy , tender, and great flavor. Plus when Amy is cooking it she dumps about 4 sticks of butter on it. YUM. My stuffing came out great too which is always a winner at the table. Now I just need to pick up some canned turkey gravy or make some myself out of the chicken stock we made from the bones.

For dinner tonight, I'm probably going to Mandalay in Silver Spring. From what I've read here, the Burmese food there is excellent. Giving the menu on their web site a brief once-over, it looks like it will be a really good meal if they can deliver on the interesting dishes they serve. I hope it's as good as Straits of Malaya. I'll let you all know how it is.


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