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Nov 10, 2004



Thanks for the recommendation- I'm new to this city and always looking for great places to eat. It was amazing!


Wow. That was quick. I just posted that last night. :)


Do you think Tom Seitsema knows of your website? I wonder if he realized another "famous" foodie was posting on his chat. =) He seems a little pretentious to me, but I agree--his reviews & chats are interesting & a good source of info for this area.


:-) I'm not sure how "famous" I am, but I'd be flattered if Tom did read my site. Some reliable sources tell me he does.

Tom's reviews and chats are great. The Post is really the only good source of dining information in this area. The other newspapers just don't get it.


There is another Burmese restaurant in the area. It's called Burma and is located in DC's Chinatown. The Mandalay cook used to work at Burma. When I last visited the Burma, the food was salty and the service slow. It was hard to get anyone to take my money. I had to get up and walk to the other room of the restaurant and ask if I could pay then.


I agree Samantha's is really good. It is a notch above all the similar Salvadoran/Mexican places around (e.g. La Lomita, El Golfo). The atmosphere is nicer. The spinach enchilada was close to perfect - the spinach was cooked just a little and it had the right amount of cream ..not gloppy like other places. Also the chile relleno was nicely al dente. I think it was my best DC margarita so far, with all fresh ingredients and a satisfying tang. The salsa was also noticably better than average. It seemed to have a deeper, more complex flavor than the watery underripe pico de gallo that is all too common in these parts. And there is parking!


if you enjoyed Samantha's, i invite you to come check out
El Tamarindo Restaurant. My parents opened the adams morgan location way back in 83.. it was the first salvadoran/mexican restaurant in adams morgan..1785 florida ave nw dc 20009
In 1990, they opened the georgia ave location.
7331 georgia ave nw dc 20012 202-291-0525
this location offers private banquet/meeting rooms
as well as an outdoor patio for fun in the sun.
The georgia ave location is offers free WIFI so bring that laptop
after work if needed.(adams morgan location will offer free WIFI soon)
anyways.. i hope to see you guys down there soon.


i forgot to mention
at el tamarindo restaurant
the dress is casual..
call for reservations
and parking is available
both locations.


My boyfriend and I went to Samantha's Restaurant yesterday expecting it to be a little better than a hole-in-the-whole, but boy were we in for a surprise! The inside of the restaurant is so elegant and sophisticated and the wait staff were very well-dressed and professional. And now the food...first of all, they have the best salsa I have ever tasted! The tortilla chips were also very warm and crispy and the pollo saltado (sp?) was to die for. Since I am not a major fan of Hispanic food, I must admit, I was very impressed and it has become one of my favorite places to eat.

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