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Sweet Potato Pie

On a whim...well, not exactly a whim. I didn't get home till 8 and I was in no mood to try to cook, so Amy and I walked down to 2 Amys. We ordered the usual suppli and norcia. For dessert we had some coffee and toffee crunch ice cream. Oh so good. As if that was not enough, we hung out at the bar after wards and had a glass of wine. The night was wrapping up and they started bringing out slices of the special pie that they had for dessert that night. It was a sweet potato pie. When I saw how good it looked, I nearly cried that I had not ordered it. I think one of the waitresses saw how upset I was because after a few minutes, she came out with a slice for Amy and I. Anyway, if you are reading (this is directed to the waitress that gave us the slice of sweet potato pie), THANK YOU!!! Best pie I've ever had. (Sorry mom)



I don't think I have ever eaten sweet potato pie. That is a tragedy, is it not? It sounds so goooood.

By the way, I had cherry & chocolate ice cream last night. Mmmmmmm.


I'm not sure if your friend Amy is one of the 2 Amy's or not, and perhaps this influences your opinion of 2 Amy's... But I think their pizza is complete shit. I went there with, granted, high high expectations, only to fall flat and below in disappointment. As far as gourmet pizza goes, Pizzeria Paradiso is far superior, not to mention cheaper, and NOT burnt.


Well, Anon, If you had bothered to read more than this post, you would realize that Amy is my wife and I have no association with 2 Amys. Also, I could just delete your comment, because you didn't bother to put in a real email address, but I wont because I want people to see that I don't just delete comments when people opinions differ from my own. Pizzeria Paradiso is NOT cheaper. Both places charge the same for their pizzas. As far as burnt pizza goes, I've never had my pizza burnt unless I asked for it that way. I'm sorry you were so disappointed by you visit there.


Just an update...
The lovely waitress that gave us the slice of pie was named Sara. Thanks Sara!

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