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Dec 26, 2004



Don Foodies,

For new years day, I thought I would take one of your suggestions in a restaurant and head to Heritage India in Dupont Circle for dinner.

When my g/f and I arrived, we were asked if we had reservation, of course we said no, but we were seated anyways. It was about 915pm, and the place was about a quarter full. We were seated in an area with other patrons, about 2 minutes, someone came by and lit our lamp and then left. At this time, still no one said anything, like welcome, would you like anything to drink... nothing. About 5 minutes after we first were seated, another couple was sat at the table one over from us. Within two minutes, someone also came by and lit their lamp and actually welcomed them, and asked for their drink order. Wait staff actually came by and gave them water too.

Overall, we waited 10 minutes, nobody came to us, and we decided to leave. We told the hostess that we were leaving and why, she sort of apologize, but really seemed to not care.

Doing the basic greeting and welcoming is all I ask for; it shouldn't take 10 minutes, I shouldn't have to go ask someone for assistance. I figured, they don't want our money or business, and that's ok.

It's a shame. But with life, maybe I just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(Suggestions, new restaurant in the Dupont Circle area, 21 P Restaurant (21st & P St NW)... menu online looks fairly promising, my g/f and I are looking forward to going, and if you go, look forward to reading your comments.)


It's soooo frustrating when that happens. I'm especially disappointed to hear that the hostess was so nonchalant about it. So far, that hasn't happened to me there. This seems to happen at every restaurant once in a while, and so far this is the first I've heard about it from Heritage's Dupont location. Having once worked as a waiter myself, I know that sometimes wait staff get mixed up on which tables are theirs. Either that or someone was out having a smoke break. Our first time there, we found ourselves waiting quite a while for our check to come, but that was the only problem as far as service goes.


Yes, being a server also, I can guessimate what could have happened, but like I said, the restaurant was not busy, I saw 2 servers and about 3 wait staff individuals and a bartender... so I can't understand what could happen.

I travel a bit too much, when I do go out to eat, I tend to sit at the bar, as I think I get better service. Next time, I think we'll try to sit at the bar, as I was looking forward to the Sea Bass. I also agree, this probably doesn't happen very often...

We ended up finding Famous Luigi's on 19th St NW. A bit off the beaten path, but suprisingly good. Seems family owned and operated. Simple service, good portions, reasonable prices and tasty Italian dishes.


Ahhh. Famous Luigi's. I've heard many good stories about that place. I still have to try them out.


Heritage has some of the best Indian food I have had outside of India or East Africa. They know how to make it the right way. Try Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen in georgetown for some comparably authentic South Indian veggie food.


A friend and I went to Heritage in Dupont on Wednesday. I was hoping that the service would be good, but I was dissapointed. The food was extremely good, but the service was terrible. My friend ordered a beer and I had some tea. When our food came out, I asked for a beer. I am used to being carded, so I don't mind. The waiter then asked for a second form of ID with my signature on it. I told him that all I had with a picture and signature was my college ID which is very old. He huffed away and I did get a beer. My friend had to stop our waiter and ask for another beer. The waited really never paid attention to us until the bill came out and then he waited by our table. He also made a snide comment about getting an ambulance for me because I was very cold when we first sat down. If he would have laughed when he said it, I probably wouldn't have cared. I'm sure we'll go back, but I will not sit in his section again.


Bad service can always ruin a meal in the worst way. Rather than being able to keep your attention on the food, you are constantly worrying about the service and tracking down your server. I wish the people at Heritage India would fix this.


I like Heritage India. I've been to most of the Indian resaurants in DC and Maryland and I still think Heritage India has some of the best Indian food. Their Bindhi (okra) is my favorite thing on the menu!! But I also love Bombay Bistro in Rockville, Maryland. You should try them too.


You should definitely go to Woodlands, a South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Langley Park MD - and there's one in VA somewhere - that's hands down the best food for the money. They have a lunch buffet for $7.00 that rivals anything I've had in NYC, NJ, Chicago, ANYWHERE - and that's on weekdays!

Heritage India has good food - but it's quite expensive. We like Bombay Palace for standard Punjabi food, and Amma's in GT is good too, but given a choice, I would make the trip to Woodlands. It's amazing.


We went to Heritage India in dupont last night and while the food was good, the service was horrible. we wanted to order dessert but when the waiter disappeared for 15 minutes (not to another part of the dining room-- he was gone), we decided to leave. I liked the creativity of the food and the small plates, but overall I think Bombay Bistro wins in the taste catagory.


we prefer the food at the glover park location. it's more traditional than the menu at dupont, though the food there's not bad. it was just offputing to get steamed broccoli on the side of my saag paneer (this was a while ago, not sure if they do that anymore). plain steamed veggies is not indian food y'all.


Heritage is, in my opinion, the best Indian restaurant in DC. Everything there is superb, but the Lamb Vindaloo is particularly special.

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