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Dec 10, 2004



I have been dying to try the bar menu at Palena, especially the burger, but now...Were the beets ON the burger?


No, the beets were on the side. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to eat them on the cheeseburger or not. I'm not one who generally likes beets though. If you go, order something besides the cheeseburger. There are other dishes on the menu that looked interesting to me, plus you can order a la carte off the regular prix fixe menu. I just fell for the "hype" of the cheeseburger.

John Delmore

For an excellent cheeseburger, try Smith & Wollensky on 19th Street between L and M. Twelve dollars (at least when seated in the "grill" area), but it is quite large, comes with your choice of a few different cheeses plus lettuce, onion, and tomato, and a lot of really good fries. In general, I'd say it's pretty hard to go wrong with a steakhouse burger, and at Smith & Wollensky, it's an inexpensive way to enjoy a very nice restaurant.


I have to say, I love the Palena burger. It has sotochenero cheese on top, which has white truffle oil in it, and i think the house-made mayo they serve compliments the cheese perfectly. they usually serve pickled cucumbers and other pickled things (like corn) on the side - I've never had beets, so that's not a normal thing (i don't think.) The roast chicken on the cafe menu is also kickass - it has tarragon and star anise (or some such spice) and is so so juicy. The only drawback is that it takes 45 minutes or so. But it is worth the wait. I agree with you on the gnocchi - I absolutely love it, its my favorite thing on the menu.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate differing opinions. That's what this site is all about.

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