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I'm headed to Tallula in Arlington tonight. It just opened last week. In anticipation for the dinner, I had this IM conversation with Amy about 5 minutes ago. I thought it was pretty funny. Just shows you how into food we are...

jasewyndu: hey
jasewyndu: you leaving soon?
amystorch: yes
jasewyndu: ok
jasewyndu: I'm looking forward to tonight
jasewyndu: that restaurant article in the Post got me excited
amystorch: i hope it's good
jasewyndu: yeah
jasewyndu: well if it is not, I can pan it ;)
jasewyndu: well actually not. I'd be a shmuck if I did
jasewyndu: cause it just opened
amystorch: yeah, you gotta give restaurants time
amystorch: what's the dress code?
jasewyndu: oh
jasewyndu: not sure
jasewyndu: http://www.tallularestaurant.com/dining.htm
jasewyndu: looks kind of swanky
jasewyndu: hmm
jasewyndu: see a menu item that is kinda familiar?
jasewyndu: http://www.tallularestaurant.com/menu.htm
jasewyndu: can't wait to try the fried green tomatoes!
jasewyndu: I like the finger friendly 2 biters
jasewyndu: cheese and cured meat pairings!
jasewyndu: oh wow, the brunch menu has biscuits and gravy
amystorch: oh man
amystorch: this is going to be so hard
amystorch: i want like, everything
jasewyndu: I KNOW
amystorch: gah!
jasewyndu: I'm so posting this IM conversation!
amystorch: Scotch Eggs
amystorch: housemade chorizo sausage, home fries
jasewyndu: YUM
jasewyndu: This place better be good. if if sucks I'll be so disappointed
amystorch: I want like, seven courses


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