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Dec 16, 2004



Palena!!! I know you're not a big fan, but for those many foodies that are, I know its open for New Years Eve. They have a special menu, of which I'm not sure of the details, but if you call i'm sure they'll tell you.


Tallula's going outside the box a bit...for $55 you get a massive cocktail party, champagne toast at midnight and drink specials. Check out the site for menu items and reservation info (www.tallularestaurant.com).


Yes, Palena! But hurry, they're filling up quickly. Five course menu, including dessert and cheese for $95. Reservation requires a credit card and there's a $75 dollar cancellation policy. I believe the Cafe may be open for limited seating. If I wasn't going to NYC to visit friends, I'd join my friends for their 9pm reservation!


This is a bit off topic, but since you are so terribly knowledgable about the DC restaurant scene these days (I haven't lived there in six years), I thought I would ask. I'm having a bachelorette party for my girlfriend in DC for about ten girls...most of us, including the bride, are foodies. Any suggestions on a fun place to go?


Let's see, you probably want to go to either Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle right? If so, just look at the restaurants that I've reviewed in that area. Most of the restaurants I've been to around there are worthy of a bachelorette party. Off the top of my head I can recommend Komi, Spezie, Galileo, Ceiba, etc.


Thanks Ben and James for posting other alternative. Really, I have nothing against Palena. I've had many good meals there, it's just that my last few haven't been the best.


I love your website. I am a mom with a son living in DC. My husband and I visited 3 times this past year and your site has been fun. I ordered my son a gift certificate for Spezie because of your recomendation! Thanks


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