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Restaurants Open Christmas


So my company's holiday party was last night - at Morton's. Of course, I was not invited this year because, well, I am not a director yet. I'm only a lowly senior I said, snubbed. But,  it turned out to be a good thing. I went to Heritage India's Dupont location and had a great night there with Amy. We ordered a bunch of their tapas including pav bhaji (Yes! Pav bhaji!). As it turned out I was only a block away from where the company party was...guess I should've stopped in to say hi afterwards. ;)

Moving further along with the theme of being snubbed, a certain someone who said they'd hook me up with a reservation on Amy's birthday never got back to me, and now it's too late to make a reservation at Minibar...Grrr. Really, I'm not that bitter. As it turns out, though, I think we're going to postpone Amy's big birthday celebration to New Years and go to the DC101 New Years Party because Carbon Leaf is playing at it and we LOVE them. We'll still go out for dinner on her birthday, but we wont make such an event out of it. Right now we're thinking about returning to Ceiba, Komi or Restaurant Eve.


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