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De-Lurking Day

Ok. Today is De-Lurking Day in the blog world. For those of you unfamiliar with that, it is the day in the blogging work where we give lurkers out there the chance to finally leave a comment and out themselves. Now, I check my stats and I know there are people who read this site all the time, but there are not nearly enough comments to represent this. So go ahead - leave a comment. Tell me what your favorite restaurant is, a really good meal you've have in the last couple weeks, or just say hi. It's ok, I won't bite. ;)



oh, all right, if I must. I lurk occasionally here, and very much appreciate the restaurant week updates. My favorite DC restaurant was Vivo in Dupont, and I'm still saddened by its closing. The food was always very good and the service friendly and casual.


Fine, pressure me why don't you. I read stuff here a lot because 1) I am into food & restaurants; 2) I do some food writing of my own and am thinking about a blog of my own someday; and 3) I work in the restaurant industry, as a matterof fact, for a restaurant you have reviewed more than once. happy reading!

Melissa G

Jason, hopefully by now you know I'm a fan of the site - your Washingtonian nod is one of the only things I've agreed with editorially from the pub lately! Thanks for the huge work on Restaurant Week too...Keep up the great "hobby"!


Hello! I'm really digging your site. Don't have much time to write right now, but I will chime in with some recent favorites. I've gone to Mercury Grill twice in the past few months, and had really good experiences there both times. I don't typically order lasagna out, but theirs was fanastic. Their tiramisu is nice and light. Also, I'm very fond of Cafe Luna for brunch and lunch. Rarely do I have to wait, and when I do, it's 10 minutes, tops. It's a nice little neighborhood place.

Now, I have a question for (all of) you: Where do you find a nice loaf of Italian bread in this town? I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it, either. I've been here a little over a year now, and can't seem to find simple, good Italian bread anywhere!

Joe Grossberg

I like food. I live in DC. I like your site.

I've commented here before a few times.

I don't have a favorite DC restaurant (maybe Panshjir in Falls Church?), but my favorite thing about dining in the area is the huge number of unheralded, small, ethnic eateries that have absolutely killer food.


I went to college in DC and haven't lived there for almost six years. I miss the amazing restaurants, and your site lets me live vicariously through you and Amy! I'll be in DC next month and CAN'T WAIT to go back to Meskerem. There is no Ethiopian food in Santa Barbara!


This is actually my first visit, and I'm hoping to find some suggestions for reasonably cheap restaurants in the area. I've so far been totally disappointed by nearly everywhere I've been, cheap or otherwise. The notable exception is the Ethiopian restaurant corridor along U St. near 12th.

Alexander Payne

I've been reading for a while and I think your blog is just peachy. My favorite fancypants restaurant in DC is probably Mie N Yu; not necessarily the best food in the city but damn good and the atmosphere is great fun. I have way too many cheapy favorites to even name. Keep up the good posts!


I read you via RSS. I'm sort of a comfort-foodie and enjoy hearing about your restaurant adventures.

I also post to Metroblogging DC ( and I think I linked to you once from there...


Nice site. Good too see reviews besides WP and Washingtonian.

Went to David Greggory for x-mas eve. Delicious.


Your site is so helpful & I love trying new restaurants and can get some great suggestions from you! I check it out regularly, but I guess I don't post very often. Your raves about Spezie are totally true...ate there for the first time & it was so good. All the info about Restaurant Week has been great too! Keep up the good work & know that you have lots of fans (even the quiet ones who don't comment very often). =)


Great reading, helpful insights and overall a wonderful site.

Favorite restaurant is one that you haven't reviewed, and can be found on the west coast only, but is well worth the trip. In-N-Out Burgers. Five Guys is ok, but not the best.

I digress though... the one thing that I noticed is that many of the restaurants that your go to seem to be more of the well-known ones... do you like going to "hole in the wall" type places? I tend to think that have better food for the money. As a frequent business traveler, I have noticed the same on the road.


My name is Derek and I have been a lurker for 4 months.

I really enjoy your site, even though I never really make it into DC (crossing the Potomac is just such a pain!).

My favorite restaurants:
Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington
Euro Bistro in Herndon


Heh. My favorite place to eat (well, place to get food to eat) is probably Vace.

The best meal I've had recently was at a sushi place near M and Wisconsin.

I dont take many risks with the foods and I am not at all flush with cash, so reading this site is mostly living vicariously thing.


I know, I know, I owe you an email. Great site! I did a small write up on Tallula at DCist, hope you saw it.

Favorite restaurant in the DC area? I have to give it to Mandalay, simply because I've been going there for so long. It never disappoints. Special nods to Two Amys. Wish I had the bankroll for some more chi-chi places... one day, one day.


A few Friday evenings ago, a few friends and I sat at the bar, and ate, at Palette. It was VERY good- menu a bit limited but everyone's items were tasty (good bison burger)! Mmmmm, gettin' hungry thinkin about it. Service was great and non-pretentious as well. Kinda funny, I commented on another blog I frequent- the Amateur Gourmet- this morning- he's visiting DC and I recommended the bar at Palette to him as well. BTW, Komi rocks! Enjoy your site, thanks!


Your site introduced us to Tallula, so keep up the helpful posts.


Thanks everyone for de-lurking yourselves. I appreciate the support and knowing that people are reading (and enjoying) this site.


One of the best and most reliable resaturants in Northern Virginia is Tempo, on Duke St. in west Alexandria. Excellent seafood. A bit noisy. I go there at least once a month. Jerry


I'm JD and I lurk. "We love you JD!" I love the site and check it our often. My friends and I have a less-organized and sometimes more recipe focused blog we use to talk about restaurants shre kitchen adventures, etc. (see link if ya want). We linked to you. So faves: Aatish on the Hill, Pasta Plus in Laurel, Heritage India (only delivery when we are visiting friends), Lite N Fair in Old Town, and Pho 75 in Arlington.


Terrific site! I'm on several times a week now and appreciate your "real-person" reviews. Couldn't have done Restaurant Week reservations w/o you. How about checking out some of the Chinatown places?


I'm glad you appreciate my work KJH and I'm happy my Restaurant Week post was helpful for everyone. I received a lot of positive feedback from that. Chinatown is tough for me. I NEVER get over there, which is really too bad cause I know there are some good places over there.


I moved to London from D.C. and totally miss the great restaurants. Your blog is funny and well written, and makes me feel less guilty about eating out all the time myself! I am half inspired to start a similarly themed London food blog.


Best recent meal Vidalia for lunch. Went to Indique on your rec and agreed with you. Went to Komi early on and was disappointed but will give it another shot. I eat out 10-12 times per week and think DC is a pretty good restaurant city. It'll never be New York but that's OK too. Great site and since I eat out so much I'm always looking for new spots. Thanks.


Love this site, Jason! Very entertaining and informative. Interested to try Tosca for restaurant week and 2 Amy's based on your rave reviews! Thanks for the good info!


How much money do you waste eating out all the time. And your not fat??? So i take it you work out alot too??? But i give props to you and your blog. Its excellent and very good. I will definitely recommend it to others. Hey though i do have a question. I'm a AA Male and i don't see any soul food spots. Whats the deal man, you gotta try some soul food. Gives you balance!! But best wishes and good luck bro!!!

michael worden

I have to agreee with Jerry that Lite "N" Fair is a secret gem in Alexandria, VA. The menu ( provides an interesting mix of classical European themes ( e.g. Bercy and Hollandaise sauces) with deligtful Asian accents. Specials vary considerably based on availability of fresh ingredients. My regular orders include Sole Almondine and Ginger Chicken. I have never spent as much as $50.00 for a couple including apetizers, entres, desserts, drinks and tip.

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